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March 25, 2009

AIIMS to conduct crash course in emergency care

New Delhi: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) trauma centre will be conducting a two-day crash course in emergency care in April.

The course is called the Advanced Trauma Life Support. The centre already runs a basic course in first aid for accident victims to train police officers, Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) and students.

The two-day course will train all doctors, irrespective of their field of expertise, to manage accident victims and save time lost in transferring patients to specialty hospitals and trauma centres.

'The first hour called the golden hour is very crucial. The way the patient has been managed in the first hour determines the chance of survival. Usually the time is lost in commuting or waiting for experts," said Dr. M.C. Misra, Chief if AIIMS, Trauma Centre.

The course provides basic training to all doctors. The first batch will comprise of 25 doctors. A team of six doctors was trained in the US last year.

The course is a copyright of the American College of Surgeons. (ACS) and has been bought to India by the Association of Trauma care of India.

A campaign opened at AIIMS on March 20 with Hospital sensitization programme. The campaign is an initiative of World Health Organization (WHO) and the Health Fitness Trust.'source:

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