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March 23, 2009

Art & Photography Exhibition at BPD

BITS, Pilani- Dubai held its annual Art and Photography Exhibition, ARTEX '08 from 18 October- 20 October 2008. The event, which provides the students with a platform to display their artistic flair and creativity, was a veritable rainbow of colours this year as events like Sketches, Tile and Glass Paintings, Fabric Art, Digital Art and even Classroom Art, among many others, captivated both the audience and judges alike.

The event was inaugurated by the Director of BITS, Pilani- Dubai , Prof. (Dr.) M. Ramachandran who was also the first to confer the highest praise upon his students. He said that the event was an ideal opportunity for the students to exhibit their innate artistic talents which normally take a backseat due to busy academic schedules. He called the event a 'Feast for the Eyes' and admitted that it was the best installment of 'Artex' that he had seen.

The three-day extravaganza was a mix of exhibition and competitions. The former included Sketches (that were further sub-categorized into portraits, landscapes, cartoons etc.), Paintings (that included Oil, Glass and Tile paintings), Photography, Best out of Waste, Fabric Art, T-Shirt Design, Classroom Art and the newly introduced Digital Art.

On each day there were two on-the-spot competitions that were held alongside the main exhibition. These included Calligraphy and Tatoo Making on the first day, Face Painting and Rangoli on the second and Henna and On-the-spot Painting on the third.

The judges for all these events were either professionals in their respective fields who had been invited for the purpose or members of the faculty who actively pursued these interests as hobbies. But irrespective of their qualifications, they were all bowled over by the talent on show and as such had words of praise and appreciation for everyone involved. Sania Faisal, an interior decorator and professional painter, was one such judge who spoke no end about the innovative themes and exceptional skills that were visible in all the entries. Al these factors were instrumental in making this edition of 'Artex' perhaps the best since its conception.

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