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March 26, 2009

Brain drain

It’s heartening to note the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) has finally taken cognizance of the threat posed by the unabated brain drain. Unless halted, in the long run brain drain will pose serious repercussion to this trouble-torn State. That all is not well in the education sector of the State is evident from the brain drain which of late has assumed serious proportions. The confidence of the students of the region is fast eroding on the existing higher educational institutions of the State. Every year after the results of higher secondary final exam are announced, a good number of students of the State flock to places like Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune for modern and quality education. The constant exodus of students from the State is not only resulting in brain drain but flight of revenue as well. For long, no tangible steps were initiated to improve the education infrastructure of the State. The existing educational institutions too failed to keep pace with the changing times and introduce the latest courses and relevant subjects. Reports of anomalies, whether in conducting examinations, evaluation of answer scripts or in declaring results by the Boards and Universities of the State have contributed significantly in eroding the confidence of the students.

In this bleak scenario, AASU’s demand for a special higher education package is indeed laudable. To give shape to the educational package, AASU has sought a Rs 10,000-crore fund as an initial allotment. The student body has also demanded setting up of an Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Indian Institute of Technology and an Indian Institute of Management besides a technical institute in the State. New courses and institutes of repute are must to halt the growing tide of brain drain. Educational institutes alone will not be able counter brain drain. The State must have a congenial environment for studies. AASU along with the other student bodies must strive to ensure that the education environment is conducive for serious studies and not vitiated. On its part the Government should refrain from appointing political persons for the management of educational institutions. The Government should chalk out an action plan and ensure its implementation to halt the flight of talent from the State before it is too late. ASSAM TRIBUNE

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