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March 23, 2009

Ethnic Day

On October 30, BPD celebrated Ethnic Day - an annual event which gave students a chance to flaunt their heritage in traditional regalia as well as take a break from the usual lectures.The main feature of the day was a cultural fiesta which included dance performances, games and a play. The event kicked off with random performances from the crowd with songs that got everyone up on their feet. Next in line was a brilliantly staged performance by the Drama Club, Paribhasha. Their play successfully conveyed how strength lay in unity which was fitting, given that Ethnic Day in our Institute has always strived to be a melting pot of cultures. This was followed by a medley of regional dances put up by III Year girls.

The comperes for the day were Piyush Singh, Mahdiyah Ali, Syed Anjumanara and Shaurya Ahuja who seamlessly swapped positions on and off stage. They engaged the students in Musical Chairs, after which a contest for Mr. and Ms. Ethnic Faculty followed. Dr. Shazi Shah Jabeen and Dr. M N Sankaram won these titles on the basis of student response. Deserving student members were also nominated for a similar contest. They all presented fragments of their respective cultures through native songs and dances. It came as no surprise when Gurpreet Singh (Year IV) was unanimously selected as Mr. Ethnic, once again, for the fourth consecutive year, while Anchal Agarwal (Year III) became Miss Ethnic.

The program ended with the outgoing batch being called on stage to dance to contemporary favorites initially and later to the thrum of the live and energetic performance of Treble. One could not help but notice that the event had silently yet successfully encouraged plural cultural affinities amongst the students.

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