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March 13, 2009

IGNOU Walk-in-Examination

IGNOU Walk-in-Exam

Evaluation of the performance of learners is one of the important components of any teaching-learning system. Indira Gandhi National Open University evaluates the performance of its learners through Tutor Marked Assignments, project works, practical and the Term End Examinations. As one of the learners friendly features, The University has been conducting Term End Examinations twice in a year. Walk-in-Examination is an innovative step forward to make the examination system more flexible and to provide an opportunity for the learners to take up the examinations as per their desire and preparation.

This innovative venture of Walk-in Examination will provide a completely flexible system of examination independent of the traditional fixed time frame. Under the scheme of Walk in Examinations, IGNOU students can walk into the identified Win Exam Centre of the University on the prescribed days as per their choice and appear for the examination in the course in which they are registered. They may not require to wait for the six monthly term end examination.

The required question papers are generated by the computer picking up the questions randomly from the question bank as per the blue print and design specific to the courses on the day of examination.

Deputy Director (NCIDE) &

Coordinator (Walk-in-Exam)

Centre for Development of Evaluation Technology

Students Evaluation Division

Indira Gandhi National Open University

Maidan Ghari, New Delhi – 110068



Students Evaluation Division

Indira Gandhi National Open University

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