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March 29, 2009

IIM-A gets costlier from next academic session

Ahmedabad: Students willing to get admission to the Postgraduate Programme in Management (PGPM), the flagship programme of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) in next academic session, will be paying Rs.1 lakh more, as the institute has announced an increase in fee by Rs.1 lakh after the annual meeting of the Board of governors of the IIM-A held here on this weekend.

"Students will have to pay Rs.50,000 more in fees in each of the two years. The new fees will be applicable only for students securing admission from the 2010 academic year. Students getting admission in 2009-11 batch won't get affected by the decision taken by the Board of Governors," said Sameer Barua, director IIM-A.

"We have increased the fee for the first year Rs.6 lakh from existing Rs.5.5 lakh and in the second year to Rs.6.5 lakh from Rs.6 lakh," added Barua.

IIM-A had launched a fee waiver scheme which will continue for the next year. Last year 21 students did not pay anything at all for the course.

The need-based fee structure to grant concessions to students whose family income was less than Rs.6 lakh a year and the structure applicable for the reservation categories as per the government rules would continue in the coming years also.

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