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March 25, 2009

Transfer of students become easy in universities

New Delhi: University Grants Commission (UGC) has accepted the recommendation of 'A. Gnanam Committee' for academic and administrative reforms.

UGC Chairperson, Sukhdeo Thorat has recently directed to Vice Chancellors of central, state and deemed universities to implement the recommendations.

It encompasses the introduction of semester system; examination reforms an inter-institution credit and transfer of students.

UGC will support the implementation of reforms with grants.

UGC has asked universities to adopt Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) to facilitate inter- institution transfer of students after the completion of a semester.

CBCS will also provide the facility of part completion of academic programmes in the enrolled institution to the specialized institution.

The panel has also said "All academic programmes will be a subject of upgradation every academic year and revision to a limited extent every three years.

Courses would be free to opt and students can earn elective credits within their university and even in other institutions." source:

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