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March 16, 2009

Two Karnal students to represent India in NASA camp


Karnal: Alma mater of Kalpana Chawla -Nivedita Mittal and Palak Aggarwal will represent India in Houston, Texas, at the summer session of the United Space School Foundation in the summer camp on the site of NASA Johnson Space Centre.

Every year NASA chooses students from different countries around the world for two- week astronaut's camp. Nivedita and Palak of Tagore Bal Niketan Senior Secondary School have stood 23rd and 24th respectively to represent India's cultural heritage.

Students from 26 countries have been selected this year for the camp starting from July 26 to August 10. The students will get the opportunity to witness the working environment and lifestyle of the Astronauts and their work style.

Moreover, the first batch student of NASA, Kamalika Chandla would be the coordinator of the programme.School principal Rajan Lamba expressed his joy and thanked Kalpana Chawla for setting up the trend.

"The selection criteria of students was based on merit, for which students had to submit a project report and after that they were assessed on four grounds mainly intelligence, knowledge, communication skills and extra cultural activities," he added.

Nivedita, class XII student, said proudly that she would give her level best to represent India. "We are confident and have worked hard to perform well in the projects assigned by NASA" she added. source:

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