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April 6, 2009

Action on Ragging

It augurs well that the Medical Council of India (MCI) has decided to incorporate its anti-ragging guidelines into the Indian Medical Council Act, making it mandatory for all medical colleges to follow it. An MCI committee constituted for the purpose will meet on Wednesday and propose amendments in Section 33 of the Indian Medical Council Act. The MCI guidelines, proposed to be implemented as law, are in accordance with the Supreme Court’s directives issued last year against ragging in educational institutions. But had it not been for the tragic death of a medical student in Himachal Pradesh last month due to the savagery perpetrated on the innocent fresher in the name of ragging, the MCI would not have moved so fast. So it has taken the death of a young person, with dreams in his eyes for a bright career but nipped in the bud by none but his seniors themselves, to prompt the MCI into action against ragging. Be that as it may, now that a regulatory body has woken up to the need for curbing ragging absolutely, others too should follow suit. Ragging today is not at all about introducing freshers to their seniors in educational institutions and a bit of merriment naturally involved in such exercises; it is more about sadistic violence and sexual perversity. In other words, it is a crime that has no place in civilized societies. But are we any? THE SENTINEL

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