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April 19, 2009

ICFAI conducts exams on polling day

SHILLONG, April 18: The blatant breach by the Indian Chartered Financial Analyst of India (ICFAI), Shillong to the Government notifying April 16 as a holiday was only rectified after the magistrate reached outside the examination centre. Notwithstanding the officially declared holiday on the day of polling to the two Parliamentary seats, ICFAI Principal Dr Biloris Lyndem went ahead by asking the students to appear for the BBA examinations. The students, during an interaction with newsmen today, said that the principal, who had been earlier questioned about the clash of the date of the examination with the election date, showed her apathy. “We complied to her directions to appear for the exams and only to see her sudden appearance at 11.20 am, following by the unexpected snatching of the papers and order to leave the premises with a caution not to talk to anyone else”, stated a student, adding, “We came to know about the sudden change of events after a magistrate is learnt to have parked his vehicle outside the examination centre to inquire the happenings”.

Lyndem could not be contacted for questioning on how an examination was conducted (that too half) when the citizens of the world’s largest democracy have been given a holiday to exercise their franchise. Other source informed that the principal of ICFAI met the Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills on the issue.

Notwithstanding the outcome of the meeting, the students went on record saying that they will testify that they have appeared for the exams on April 16 of this month and only be stalled half way by the frightening principal. The students also alleged even though the head office has rescheduled the day of the examinations, but the principal went ahead with it. THE SENTINEL

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