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April 19, 2009

Set up NET centre in Shillong: NEHU students

SHILLONG, April 18: Timely declaration of undergraduate and postgraduate examination results and setting up of UGC’s National Eligibility Test (NET) centre for science students are the main demands placed by North Eastern Hill University Students’ Union (NEHUSU) before Meghalaya Governor Ranjit Shekhar Mooshahary today.

Outright in placing two of the six demands as essential before Mooshahary during the meeting held in Shillong today, the NEHUSU functionaries explained before the Governor on how the delay in declaring the results has left many academic pursuits of individuals wasted for a year.

“NEHU declares undergraduate results in August and September and on many occasions declare the postgraduate examinations results after six months, and this leaves many to wait for another academic year to vie for any course we want to pursue outside the State,” stated NEHUSU general secretary Joymanick Dohling during a press conference held today. He added: “We wish that results of both the undergraduate and postgraduate courses should be declared in between 45 and 60 days after the last day of examinations”.

The NEHUSU leaders claimed that the Governor and Chief Rector of NEHU have assured them of taking up the issue in the right earnest so that the students of the University do not face any hassles in the quest for further studies outside the State.

The absence of a UGC centre for postgraduate science students aspiring to appear for the NET in Meghalaya and Mizoram was highlighted by the NEHUSU functionaries. In their plea before the Governor to intervene in order to ensure that a UGC examination centre is established in Shillong, Dohling stated, “Besides the huge travelling and lodging expenditure, the students, particularly the female students from Mizoram and Meghalaya, continue to feel insecure in a different environment. Science students have gradually grown in the States under the North eastern Hills University (NEHU), and it is of immense importance to set up a NET centre for science students in Shillong. The Governor should intervene to see that the such a need is fulfilled by the UGC authorities.”

The NEHUSU also raised the low rate of scholarships being paid by the Meghalaya Government to the undergraduates and postgraduate students as well as its late disbursal. Using the word ‘minimal’ and ‘delay’, Dohling stated, “The very purpose of a scholarship that is meant to support and sustain a student’s academic engagement is defeated”.

The NEHUSU also asked the Governor to ensure that the provision of the State transport buses is extended to NEHU campus to meet the shortfall of university buses that caters to the students, staff and teachers of the university. The students’ body also raised the issue of frequent power cuts during study hours. THE SENTINEL

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