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April 28, 2009

Thanks to Recession

The good thing about the current economic recession brought about the global financial meltdown is that areas that looked dead are now breathing anew. Take the case of demand for postgraduate courses at IITs. With lucrative job offers in the private sector drying up, thanks to recession, many IIT graduates have chosen to enrol themselves in postgraduate courses in their institutions rather than venturing out in an increasingly uncertain private sector job market as in the past. In fact things have changed so drastically that the IITs are actively considering the waiver of GATE — the postgraduate entrance examination — for meritorious students, apart from a slew of financial incentives and help for postgraduate aspirants. That the postgraduate option that IIT graduates are exercising, though out of compulsion for not being able to get jobs immediately after their graduation, will go a long way in meeting the faculty shortfall at IITs and in contributing to research too, cannot be gainsaid — which is a welcome development in a country grappling with research in high-end science and technology as well as in the making of a quality teaching community. One hopes the change would deepen and broaden our scientific and technological research base. THE SENTINEL

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