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May 12, 2009

Chaos in education system

— K K Sen Academic institutions across the country continue to be in doldrums due to numerous constraints. Most of the government or private institutions failed to reflect the commitment, discipline or sincerity while some of the private institutions looming large like mushroom could exhibit a better performance in education sector so far as inducement of smartness, discipline, moral behaviour as well as better performance is concerned. But it will not be wise to blame all the government institutions as some of them could achieve very satisfactory performance. The education institutions are found to be rocked by all types of corruption, disorderly behaviour, indiscipline and violence in many cases. Inability to distribute free text books to students timely is also a major deadlock.

Some teachers think that their responsibility is over by dictating outdated worm out notes and feel justified in drawing their monthly package. But they fail to do justice to the learners’ creative and innovative skill although they are supposed to dedicate as assimilators, generators and facilities of knowledge hailing as the builders of nation. Their responsibility rests not only on making the students educated but also on making them competent, honest and self sufficient so that the nation can utilise their services most effectively enabling them to keep pace with the changing environment. Tutors’ endeavour must not be confined to the four walls of class room but their duty also extends extensively to moulding the character of young learners. A remarkable development in education system cannot be expected unless there prevails an effective communication between teachers and students.

The present education system in the country is continuing through a period of transition which obviously demands a great sense of dynamism, professionalism and discipline. The classroom being the most crucial component of any system of formal education, any deficiency in professional competence is bound to have an adverse impact on the quality of education. Of late an overwhelming response is noticed in the direction of technical education rather than general education in view of increased job opportunities. Outflow of students to the institutions outside the State say at – Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi etc to undergo different courses has become a common phenomenon with an idea that quality education as well as scope of placement is possible only through these institutions. But there is no dearth of renowned educational institutions in this State too from where a better degree or job opportunity can be ensured.

The present education system needs to be upgraded as it is confronted with serious drawbacks. Getting education either in vernacular or English medium is quite immaterial provided education system is satisfactory. English being the common language of communication much emphasis need to be given to enrich the talent of students through the knowledge of English. Course of spoken English should be made compulsory in school syllabus. Reality lies on better education and better performance rather than medium of instruction or stream. Students need not be pressurised or compelled to undergo certain course without giving weightage to their decision. Effectiveness of any institution rests on its ability to accomplish the achievement of goals, maintaining itself internally, adapting to ever changing environment and outlook equipping with efficient trained modern managers backed by good information flows, modern mechanism of analysis and research. Efficiency alone cannot induce a significant impact unless it is coupled with sincerity.

Now-a-days dedication peeps behind the screen, insincerity rises up its head, morality has been degraded, problems have multiplied. But the problems cannot be allowed to sweep under the carpet. Each and every responsible person should inculcate the habit of discipline and sincerity to lead the society from worse to better, instability to stability, degradation to upgradation. No nepotism or favouritism should be allowed to dominate while recruiting a faculty. The present education system in our country is marked by different shortcomings with a wide gap between theory and practice which need to be bridged effectively emphasising on practical needs. Radical improvement in educational system can be ensured provided emphasis is laid on training of the trainers, organisation of seminars as well as conduct of project work and research analysis.
(The writer is former Director, Economics & Statistics, Assam). ASSAM TRIBUNE

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