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May 4, 2009

Gauhati University (GU) affiliation Letter to UGC behind ‘misgivings’

Ajit Patowary
GUWAHATI, May 4 – The present stalemate over the ‘unconditional permanent affiliation’ demanded by the non-provincialised colleges from Gauhati University (GU), may be attributed to a misgiving among these colleges over a GU letter to the University Grants Commission (UGC) on March 27 last. In fact, GU had written the letter to the UGC, informing it that the colleges concerned were requested to intimate the UGC their deficiencies to pave the way for UGC assistance for over coming such deficiencies.

The GU letter was issued in response to the February 2, 2009 UGC letter to the University expressing willingness to ‘provide one time assistance to them’ with the aim at helping them fulfill the criteria needed to secure permanent affiliation to the University.

The UGC letter requested the University to send college wise requirement—like books, journals, equipment and infrastructure, except staff— to it or its North East Regional Office for necessary action.

GU sources said that the University has about 235 affiliated colleges and of them 104 are permanently affiliated to it. The rest of the colleges are accorded temporary affiliation or permission to operate by the University.

Section 21 (g) of the GU Act has said that no new pre-university or degree colleges shall be given permission or affiliation by the University to introduce new subject or faculty without prior concurrence of the respective Government of Assam, Manipur or Arunachal Pradesh.

Therefore, Government concurrence is a must for granting permanent affiliation to the colleges. But the non-provincialised colleges are ignoring this statutory provision of Government concurrence, said the sources.

.The UGC had earlier helped 11 BTAD colleges to secure such special assistance meant for overcoming the deficiencies. In 2008-09 fiscal, these BTAD colleges received the first installment of around Rs 85 lakh per head, on an average, of the assistance, said the sources.

Meanwhile, a committee constituted by the Vice Chancellor of the University a couple of month back, has issued a letter to the non-provincialised colleges, seeking information on their status concerning ‘proper staffing’, academic management, laboratory and library facilities, financial stability, building, results etc, said the sources.

The April 30, 2009 meeting of the Executive Council of the University has also constituted a committee with the University Registrar as the convenor, to go into the matter and to submit its report within three weeks since April 30, 2009, said the sources.

Sources also deny that the University had any role in the arrest of the members of the Assam Non-Provincialised Degree College Action Committee on April 30 last. In fact the district administration acted on its own in this case to prevent the Action Committee members from disrupting the Executive Council meeting that day, sources said, adding, University is committed to maintain a cordial and fruitful academic and administrative relations with all its affiliated colleges. ASSAM TRIBUNE

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