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July 28, 2009

AMU authorities deny allegations

Aligarh: The recent probe against the Vice-Chancellor (VC) P. K. Abdul Azis of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) by the Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD) to form a fact finding committee on AMU has created havoc in the university.

The teachers' association wants a free and fair inquiry against the VC whereas the university officials insisted there is nothing to inquire about.

The teachers' association has recently passed a resolution stating the VC to resign and also welcomed the HRD Ministry's decision to form a fact finding committee.

However, the media advisor of Azis, N. A. K. Durrani said the action of the teachers' association has been manipulated.

The ministry officials clarified that the fact finding committee will inquire about the functioning of AMU, which includes the allegations against the VC.

The committee was setup after eight members of the Executive Council including Congress leader Wasim Ahmed submitted a 450-page memorandum alleging the VC has committed financial irregularities.

AMU Teachers' Association Secretary Jamshed Siddiqui has alleged that the VCs' group has indulged into 'intimidatory tactics' by pressurizing teachers to support VCs' demand for not holding the committee.

However, the AMU community feels that the media trial has been launched by some vested interest to malign the reputation of the University and its VC.

They have even clarified that they have not received anything in writing from the MHRD about the so-called enquiry.

The community has also stated that there cannot be any possibility of financial irregularities when the highest and the most authentic audit body of the nation, the Comptroller & Audit General of India (CAG) has given clean chit to AMU's 2007-08 accounts.

Even the other dubious allegations are baseless as every purchase and payment has been made within the permissible limits.

The AMU community is also upset about the hype being created by the media over the committee to be formed, although, there has been no enquiry letter received by the university by the MHRD officials.

The community has also stated that the allegations are baseless and in the long-run this will only tarnish the hard-earned image and reputation of the university.

When contacted by the NNE reporter, the university officials stated that they have not received anything in writing from the HRD Ministry.

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