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July 16, 2009

Anna University Coimbatore invites applications for the following M.E. / M.Tech / M.B.A./ M.Sc (Tech) /M.C.A. Full time & Part Time Programmes

Anna University Coimbatore

Anna University Coimbatore invites applications for the following M.E. / M.Tech / M.B.A./ M.Sc (Tech) /M.C.A. Full time & Part Time Programmes


Department of Civil Engineering

1. M.E. Construction Engineering & Management
B.E./ B.Tech. (Civil)

2 M.Sc(Tech) Environmental Science and Technology
B.E –Civil, B.Tech-Chemical and Biotechnology B.Sc- Environmental Science/ Life Science/ Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry

Department of Mechanical Engineering
1. M.E. Engineering Design
B.E./ B.Tech. (Mechanical/ Automobile / Production / Manufacturing/ Industrial Engineering/ Mechatronics /
Marine Engineering)

2 M.E. Industrial Engineering
B.E/ B.Tech. (All branches)

3 M.E. CAD / CAM
B.E./ B.Tech (Mechanical/ Automobile/ Manufacturing / Production/ Industrial / Mechatronics / Marine /

4 M.E. Computer Aided Design
B.E./ B.Tech (Mechanical / Automobile/ Manufacturing/ Production / Industrial/ Marine / Mechatronics/
Aeronautical Engg.)

5 M.E. Manufacturing Engineering
B.E./ B.Tech (Production/ Automobile/ Mechanical/ Industrial/ Metallurgy/ Manufacturing/ Mechatronics)

6 M.E. Product Design & Development
B.E/ B.Tech (Mechanical/ Automobile/ Manufacturing / Production / Industrial Engineering / Mechatronics)

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
1. M.E. Control & instrumentation Engineering
B.E. / B.Tech. (EEE / ECE / E&I/ I&C/ Electronics/ Instrumentation)

2 M.E. Power Electronics &Drives
B.E. / B.Tech. (EEE / ECE / E&I/ I&C / Electronics/ Instrumentation)

3 M.E. Power Systems Engineering
B.E./B.Tech. (EEE / E&I / I&C)

4 M.E. Electrical Machines
B.E. / B.Tech. (EEE / E&I / I&C)

5 M.E. Electrical Drives & Embedded Control
B.E./B.Tech (EEE / ECE / Electronics / Instrumentation / E&I/ I&C)

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

1. M.E. Applied Electronics
B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ Electronics/ E&I/ I&C/ Instrumentation/ Biomedical/ Biomedical Instrumentation)

2 M.E. VLSI Design
B.E./ B.Tech. (ECE / EEE/ Electronics/ Instrumentation/ E&I/ I&C/ CSE/ IT)

3 M.E. Embedded System Technologies
B.E. (EEE/ ECE/ CSE/ I&C/ E&I) B.Tech. (IT/ Electronics/ Instrumentation)

4 M.E. Communications Engineering
B.E./ B.Tech. (ECE/ Electronics)

5 M.E. Wireless Technologies
B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / Tele-communication / Electronics / CSE / IT)

6 M.E. Digital Communication & Network Engineering
B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / Electronics / CSE / IT)

7 M.E. Optical Communication
B.E./ B.Tech. (ECE / Electronics)

8 M.E. Digital Signal Processing
B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / CSE / IT / EIE/ ICE)

9 M.E. Computer & Communication Engineering
B.E./ B.Tech.(CSE / IT / ECE/ Electronics)

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

1. M.E. Computer Science Engineering
B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ Electronics/ IT/ CSE/ I&C/ E&I/ Instrumentation) or M.C.A.* or M.Sc. 5 years integrated (IT
/ CS / Software Engineering)

2 M.E. Software Engineering
B.E./ B.Tech. (CSE / IT) / M.C.A.* or M.Sc. 5 Years integrated (CS / IT / Software Engineering)

3 M.E. Network Engineering
B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / CSE / IT / Electronics)

4 M.E. Enterprise server Data Management
B.E. / B.Tech. (ECE / CSE / IT / Electronics)

Department of Information Technology

1. M.Tech. Information Technology
B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ IT/ CSE/ Electronics)

2 M.Tech. Mainframe Technology
B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ IT/ CSE/ Electronics)

3 M.Tech. Animation and Multimedia Technology
B.E/ B.Tech (CSE / IT / EEE / ECE / Electronics)

4 M.E. Information Systems and Management
B.E./ B.Tech. (EEE/ ECE/ IT/ CSE/ Electronics)

Institute of Maritime Education & Research

1. M.E. Marine Engineering
B.E./ B.Tech. (Mech./Civil/Aero./Auto./Mechatronics/Marine )

2 M.E. Naval Architecture and Ship Design
B.E./ B.Tech. (Mech./Civil/Aero)

Department of Nano Technology

1. M.Tech. Nano Technology
B.D.S. / M.D.S.
B.E./ B.Tech. (Mech./ ECE/ Ceramic/ Engineering Physics/BioTechnology/Industrial Bio-Technology/Chemical/
Biomedical / Agricultural Bio-Technology) (or)
B.Pharm. (or)
M.Sc. (Physics/ Material Science/ Chemistry/ Applied Chemistry/ Bio Chemistry/ BioTechnology) with Mathematics as one of the subjects at
B.Sc. Level

MBA Programmes
1 MBA - Core (Finance, Marketing, HR, Production, Systems)
2 MBA - Banking & Insurance Management
3 MBA - Software Project & Quality Management
4 MBA - International Business Management
5 MBA - Brand & Customer Relationship Management
6 MBA - Airline and Airport Management
7 MBA - Retail and Supply Chain Management

(i) A pass in any Degree (10 + 2 + 3) / 4 Yrs Pattern
(ii) A Pass in any Degree with 10 +3(Diploma)+3Yrs Pattern

(i) A pass in any Degree (10 + 2 + 3) / 4 Yrs Pattern with Mathematics* at +2 level or with Mathematics/Statistics** as one of the subjects at the degree

(ii) A Pass in any Degree with 10 +3(Diploma)+3Yrs Pattern with Mathematics** at Diploma level or with Mathematics/Statistics** as one of
the subjects at the degree level.

*At +2/ Diploma level:
Mathematics or Business Mathematics

** At Degree Level:
Business Mathematics, Business statistics, Algorithm and numerical methods, Numerical & statistical methods ,Probability & statistics, Probability
Mathematics, Algebra & Probability mathematics , Quantitative Techniques, Computer oriented numerical methods ,engineering Mathematics, Mathematics
for Management ,Operations Research, Discrete Mathematics, Computational Methods, Bio statistics, Allied Mathematics , Allied Basic Mathematics, AlgebraAnalytical
Geometry of 3 Dimensions & Trigonometry, Business spastics and operational research, Quantitative methods of business

• The filled in Application should be submitted On-Line at
• Any false information furnished in the application will be liable for punishment under law

Candidates appearing for the final year semester examinations can also apply.

Application available On-Line from 09-07-2009
Last date for Submission of Application On –line 23-07-2009

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