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July 26, 2009

Consulting session by KPMG Director at NITIE

The day 17 July 2009, was marked by the august presence of Mr. Ashwin Jacob, Associate Director of KPMG India who imparted his valuable insights to the students of NITIE, one of country's premier B-school.

Assembled in the NITIE auditorium was an intellectual crowd of over 200 managers in making. Their knowledge and keenness to learn more from the best in the field resulted in a very interactive and animated discussion.

In his effort to enlighten the students, Mr. Jacob talked about manifestations of consulting in various services and solutions, typical consulting engagement lifecycle, types of consulting and roles in a consulting organization. These discussions were interspersed with impromptu case analysis and questions that were thrown at the consulting enthusiasts and were well handled by them. He also threw light on the skill sets that are must haves for consultants and these included analytical skills, business sense, quick learning, good communication skills, integrity, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, motivation and energy, quantitative skills, team spirit and intellectual curiosity. The session also focused upon KPMG and their current prospects.

The session effused of nostalgia as Mr. Jacob shared anecdotes from his days spent in NITIE as an MBA student and his journey to being the associate director of KPMG. Further he gave some fair insights into this year's summers and finals. He gave his valuable tips to NITIE students about what ought to and ought not to be done during the selection processes of consulting firms and that covered everything from right approach to solving cases in case interviews to the candidate's demeanour. Such meticulous detailing was highly appreciated by all.

The session concluded with a flurry of queries. To sum it up the experience was professionally enriching and enlightening for every NITIEan.

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