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July 15, 2009

Jagiroad College IGNOU centre providing quality education

JAGIROAD, July 15 – The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has approved regular study centre at Jagiroad College in Middle Assam which was running smoothly while IGNOU under convergence scheme has also a partner institution in Jagiroad College which was also running from last academic session, said the coordinator, IGNOU study centre, Jagiroad College, Pranab Kumar Das.

When contracted, the coordinator stated that the IGNOU was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 to achieve various objectives, namely, democratising higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of the learners, providing access to high quality education to all those who seek it irrespective of age, region of formal qualifications, offering need-based academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses, promoting and developing distance education in India, setting and maintaining standards in distance education in the country as an apex body for the purpose, the co-ordinator added.

The study centre has been providing all facilities related to the approved degree, diploma and certificate programmes namely, masters degree in English, Hindi, Economics, History, Political Science, Public administration, Rural development, Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science, Bachelors degree in Tourism studies, Arts, Commerce, Social work, Disaster management, Environmental studies, Human rights, rural development and Tourism studies. Other aspects activated in Jagiroad College are business skill programmes like post-graduate Diploma in Environment and sustainable development, post graduate Diploma in Translation, Higher Education, Diploma in youth in development work were also activated in the Jagiroad College IGNOU study centre, the coordinator stated.

Admission processes for July 2009 session are going on. Any interested person including students, school teachers, house-wives, government employees, Defence personnel educationally unreached person may opt for any IGNOU programme. For details contact Pranab Kumar Das, co-ordinator, IGNOU study centre, Jagiroad College.

The co-ordinator further explained the prominent characteristics of IGNOU namely, relaxed entry regulations, study according to the own pace and convenience, flexibility in choosing the combination of courses from a wide range of disciplines, study from the own chosen place, sit for term end examinations generally any where in India, and some selected centres abroad, cost effectiveness. Most of IGNOU study programmes are heavily subsidised by the government of India.

In order to provide individualised support to its learners, the university has a large number of study centres throughout the country. These are co-ordinated by 29 regional centres and 17 recognised regional centres as on date. At the study centres, the learners interact with the academic counsellors and other learners.

Learning material is specially prepared by teams of experts drawn from different universities, institutions all over the country as well as in house faculty. This material is scrutinised by the content experts, supervised by the instructors, unit designers and edited by the language experts at IGNOU before they are finally sent for printing. Similarly, audio and video cassettes are produced in consultation with the course writers, in house faculty and producers. The material is previewed and reviewed by the faculty as well as outside media experts and edited or modified wherever necessary, before they are finally despatched to the study centres and Doordarshan, said the co-ordinator on course preparation.

The co-ordinator pointed the multimedia approach for instruction. It comprises – self instructional written material, audio-visual material aids, counselling sessions, tele-conferences, practicals and project works. Gyan Darshan educational channel, Gyan Vani and interactive radio-counselling.

IGNOU has a three-tier system of evaluation, namely, self assessment exercise within each unit of study, continuous evaluation mainly through assignments which are either tutor-marked or computer-marked, practical assignments, seminar, workshops, the term end examinations and project works. The university has also a scheme of associate studentship, the co-ordinator of IGNOU study centre, Pranab Kumar Das further added. SOURCE: ASSAM TRIBUNE

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