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August 29, 2009

Education a matter of concern in NC Hills

GUWAHATI, Aug 29: The ongoing violence in NC Hills has drastically created a grim scenario for the school children in the strife-torn district. According to sources, 6,000 children among 16,791 people are currently taking shelter in 42 relief camps set up in various institutions of NC Hills due to the ongoing violence in the district. The number of children taking shelter in relief camps is a matter of deep concern. Some relief camps have been set up in Maibong Government ME School, Delaisa LP School/Delaisa Club, Nobdi Langting ME and LP School.

According to reports, 586 people are taking shelter in the Maibong Government ME School since May 8, 2009. On the other hand, 66 inmates of the Naga community are taking shelter in Delaisa LP School/Delaisa Club since June 20, 2009, and 554 inmates of the Dimasa community are taking shelter in Nobdi Langting ME and LP School since July 10.

Sources further said although human rights is getting priority across the globe, the picture is completely opposite in NC Hills. Human rights violation has become a part of the social life here. And the most affected from this violence are the children and their education.

It is to be noted that the government has introduced several important acts to protect children rights but these are not being enjoyed by the children in the NC Hills. Therefore, unless the Central and the State Government undertake some concrete steps in this regard, the fate of these children will remain uncertain and if this situation continues, there is every possibility of these children inclining towards insurgency. THE SENTINEL

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