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August 12, 2009

Higher education varsities to go world-class

Higher education varsities to go world-class

New Delhi: Fourteen proposed Innovation Universities, trying to attain world-class standards, will set new standards in higher education either in academics or autonomy.

As per the Human Resource Department (HRD) Ministry's concept note, admissions to undergraduate classes in these universities will be established through public-private partnership (PPP).

The admission will be done through one of the four methods adopted by institutions worldwide.

The ministry has chosen a two-stage testing process.

In the first stage, there will be a screening process based on aptitude test in broad areas of higher learning such as physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, languages, life sciences, etc.

This test will determine the cognitive and analytic abilities of the candidates.

Candidates will be tested through essay type questions that measures knowledge in the second stage.

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