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September 19, 2009

Beware of ITIs

The Union government and the DoNER have grandiose plans for developing skills among the youth of the Northeast with the help of the 36 existing Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and 22 newly established ones in the region. And very logically, the plan is to train a sufficient number of youths in plastic processing and polymer technology in all the ITIs of the region so that adequate skilled manpower would be available by the time the Brahmaputra Crackers and Polymer Limited (BCPL) commissions the gas cracker project by 2012. There is no gainsaying that the BCPL can spell an unprecedented industrial boon for the region by way of downstream industries as long as certain prerequisites can be assured. The first, of course, is excellent training for the youth of the region in handling plastics and the wide gamut of technology needed for the diverse applications of polymers to consumer durables and industrial needs. The next is the development of the right attitudes to skills, work and the management of finance. Finally, there is need for training in the flexibility needed to cope with the changing demands of the industry. Having taken care of this aspect of the manpower needs, the government must also ensure that the feedstock of the BCPL stays in the region and is not sold off to industrialists of developed States like Maharashtra and Gujarat. Even if the other requirements can be assured, we are convinced that the ITIs of the region (especially those of Asom) are quite incapable of discharging their duty of imparting skills in an area of technology with which they are themselves unfamiliar. Besides, the ITIs of Asom have stopped imparting worthwhile skills for a long time. They have been busy performing rituals, ensuring salaries for their staff and talking about skills. Much of their newly-acquired equipment has been lying unused for too long. The ITIs of Asom are in no position to impart any real skills. People who have stopped learning themselves cannot train others. THE SENTINEL

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