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September 26, 2009

No End to Ragging

Despite all the legislation at the State level as well as the Central level, ragging of newcomers in schools and colleges continues to take a toll of youthful lives or to drive bright students out of the colleges and courses of their choice. The very fact that all the laws against ragging have failed to rein in the determined culprits, merely indicates that there has been no change to two facets of the business of ragging. One is that the small but determined and influential section of sadists in our colleges have managed to remain well entrenched and well feared. The other is that the cowardly attitude of the college administration of turning its collective back on the menace of ragging until a student has been driven to death or driven out of college has given more power to the criminal elements. The initiators of ragging are by now thoroughly convinced that despite being armed with new laws against ragging, the college authorities cannot pick up the courage to put down ragging through personal intervention. As for the college authorities, they have created the myth that tackling the culprits directly is fraught with greater danger than walking through fire. But if a dozen college teachers and the principal just barge into the venues of ragging together and identify the culprits, there is little that the budding sadists can do. They can be expelled the next day and ragging can be finished once and for all. All that is needed is courage. THE SENTINEL

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