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November 9, 2009

National Exit Exam (NEE) - shortcut to becoming a medical lecturer

Jaipur: Students pursuing their Post Graduation in medical courses will soon be eligible to become a medical or nursing lecturer after a national level exam.

The provision for an exam named National Exit Exam (NEE) like the National Entrance Test (NET) has been made in the suggested law of National Council on Human Resource in Health (NCHRH).

A national board of examination will be organized for conducting the examination and those who will pass the exam will be given a certificate mentioning ‘Board Certified’.

The exam will be conducted online. This will be equivalent to M.D. or M.S. degree awarded by any university.

A student, who passes this exam, will be eligible to give medical education in any university or college of India. This step would fill the gap of scarcity of medical lecturers.

This will also inform about the quality of medical education imparted by private universities and colleges, which in turn, would standardize the medical courses running throughout the country.

The exam will be held at both graduate and undergraduate level. Only the candidates with a degree from any university recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) can sit for graduate level.

The council has made the exam mandatory for a candidate who has obtained degree from any unrecognized foreign university.

A student is eligible to appear in the P.G. level of exam if he/she has:

- Completed post-graduation in any medical course

- Appeared in P.G. exam irrespective of clearing it

- Completed the training but did not take the university exam

- Obtained P.G. from any foreign university, recognized or unrecognized by the Council. source:

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