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December 30, 2009

How to Study MBA in the USA

It’s one degree that is gaining in popularity by the day because of the opportunities it throws up once you graduate, and when you have an MBA from a prestigious B school, your reputation precedes you at any job interview. If you’ve chosen the USA as your destination to earn your graduate degree in business administration, you’ve made a good decision because this country is home to some of the finest and most elite business schools, and here’s what you need to know and do before you sign up for an MBA in the USA:

  • Choose a good school: Not everyone is lucky or talented enough to get into the MBA programs at Harvard, Wharton or Stanford, but there’s no harm in trying to get admission to a good school that offers a reputable and accredited business administration course. Research your options thoroughly, check if you qualify for admission to the schools of your choice, and complete the paperwork necessary well before the deadlines. If you don’t qualify (because of varying education standards in different countries), check out certificate courses that you could take to do so. Check if the schools of your choice offer placement options on graduation and if they hold job fairs where potential employers If you’re meticulous and detailed in your search, you stand a chance of getting into one of the top B schools in the nation.

  • See if you qualify for financial aid: An MBA is expensive, and if you haven’t saved up for this degree or if you’re not sponsored by your employer, you could end up being heavily in debt by the time you graduate. Check if you can secure a scholarship or if you’re eligible for other forms of grants or tuition aids. If not, your best bet is a federal loan. Unless you have a sound plan where you know how you’re going to finance your degree and pay off any loans that you may take out, an MBA is a waste of money.

  • Research online options: Some people choose to earn their business administration degrees online because they cannot take time off from work or because they are cheaper than at traditional schools. If you want to study online, make sure that you choose a good school with a sound reputation that offers an accredited degree, one that will be accepted by most or all employers. Some of them still harbor prejudices against online degrees, so research the acceptance of your MBA before you sign up for one.

  • Be prepared to work hard: Know that you are entering a competitive environment when you sign up for an MBA. Your classmates will more likely be ambitious go-getters who thrive on challenges and who drive themselves to achieve more. Being a graduate degree, an MBA is not going to be a laidback experience like your first four years in college. So unless you’re prepared to work hard, you shouldn’t sign up for an MBA in the USA.

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