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March 31, 2010

Osmania University BEd Entrance Test Model Paper

Osmania University BEd Entrance Test Model Paper Osmania University BEd Distance Mode Entrance Test Model Paper

Model Paper
(1 — 5) Read the passage carefully and mark the correct answers:
The lack of sleep might be known better as an adult malady, the affliction of the overworked professional. But, it now appears that children are not shielded from this lifestyle malaise – and it is beginning to tell on their health. Children who get less than eight and a half hours of sleep at night are six times more likely to be obese, reveals a research study by doctors. The research was published during the Insomnia Awareness Week, this April. In fact, shortened sleep, it was found, poses twice the risk of childhood obesity than does eating fried food six times a week. Further, there has been an observable change in the lifestyle of children, who now face multiple demands, many of which cut into their sleep time. There is the pressure of studies, the long travel time to school, and the influence of their parents’ lifestyle and routine, all of which inevitably have an impact on them. Among sedentary activities, watching television has a special impact. Children who watch television for an hour and a half or more per day are 19 times more likely to be overweight than those who watch TV for 45 minutes or less.
1. Watching the television for a long duration leads to
(1) insomnia (2) greater likelihood of obesity
(3) formation of sedentary habits (4) facing multiple demands
2. Sleeplessness in children is contributed to by
(1) lack of sufficient sleep
(2) multiple demands on their time
(3) parental influence on their routine

Osmania University B. Ed Distance Mode Entrance Test Model Paper

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