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April 5, 2010



I Match the following words and phrases given in Column A with their meanings in column B. Two or three extra items may be given in one of the two columns.

II Frame sentences with the given idioms ( Very commonly used, simple idioms may be given).

III Framing sentences with the words and forms such as Noun, verb, Adjective, etc., as directed in brackets. Ten items may be given.

IV Framing sentences using the given pair of words which sound alike, so as to bring out the differences in their meanings. Five pairs may be given, each pair carrying six marks.

V Correcting grammatical errors in the given sentences. A total number of five errors may be given each carrying three marks. The number of sentences may vary.

VI Rewriting sentences as directed :

(1) Active and Passive voice.
(2) Simple, Complex and Compound Sentences.
(3) Degree of Comparison.
(4) Direct and Indirect Speech.
(5) Interrogative Sentences and question tags, etc. Five sentences (each carrying three marks) one sentence for each item mentioned above may be framed.

VII. Drafting a suitable reply to an official or business letter, whose contents are given in the question.

VIII. Summarising a given passage in one’s own words not exceeding one-third of the length of the original (of about 1000 words). The passage chosen may be of general interest and relatively simple.

IX.Writing two short essays in about 250-300 words on given topics. Three or four topics may be given relating to social, cultural scientific and political issues.

X Comprehension of a prose passage(of about 400 words). To answer, in a sentence or two, the ten questions that follow, The passage to be chosen may be simple in language and thought.

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