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May 5, 2010

SBI Interview Questions Part 1

The Panel : For most candidates the interview lasted between 10-25 mins.The topics were related to India, banking, economy, current affairs & from your resume. Many candidates informed us that the Interview panel(senior officials) were cool & the session was full of fun.Now, let us move to the questions -

Bhawana sharma says ,she was asked about - 
* Family background. 
* Willing to relocate/ work in rural areas or not?
* Reason for doing MBA after B.Tech (candidate is B.Tech,MBA graduate) 
* My MBA was in HR & Finance so they asked abt HR and Subjects in Finance 
* About Financial Institutions, Share market, Mutual Funds,Nifty, BSE etc.
* My SWOT analysis (Strength,Weakness,Opportunity,Threats)
* About my hobbies (in resume)
* Names of RBI Governor, President, VP & Deputy chairman of Planning commission
* Asked how will i judge a candidate if he/she is suitable for a job?  
* Few questions on RBI,SBI, Recession, Subprime crisis etc.,
* What is written on a 100 rupee note and whose signature are there on it?

barun shares his experience as,
* Tell something about SBI 
* Questions related to hobbies 
* What are monetary policies
* Repo rate, SLR ,Addhar (The new name of UID Project)
* Why did you apply for clerk job in bank?
* Five years down the line u will be like to be at?
* Will the IPL controversy put a bad image to IPL?
* About Cut motion (recent issue in parliament)

soumya:Xpectin d says,
* Asked about SBI.
* Importance of March 8 & what happened on that day in Indian parliament.(answer is Women's day & 33% women`s reservation bill)
* Questions from resume/ biodata. 

priya details her turn -
* Asked about SBI & SBI associate banks
* Kinds of loan that SBI provides
* About savings bank account & rate of interest for them 
* Difference between Private & Public sector banks
* What are the foreign banks in India
* About my hobby (Reading), I was asked who is the author of ‘Discovery of India’
* Headlines of today's newspaper

~Pritha~  says that one of her friend was posed these questions -
* Selection procedure for Rajyasabha members
* IPL results along with best batsman, best bowler etc... 
* Family background. 
* 5 questions from subject of study in college

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