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May 5, 2010

SBI Interview Questions Part 2

SBI Interview Questions Part 2

describes her questions -

* Define Indian economy & how it emerges from recession
* What is a bank & who operates it
* What is SLR,PLR,CRR, Bank rate etc.
* A situation was given & was asked how would i react to it
* Authors of any novels 
* They also questions from UG & PG degree & why i chose banking 
* News in today's paper 
* Chairman of SBI
* Why would u like to join SBI  
* What is nationalization act?
* 3-4 questions were asked from degree subjects.
* Why studied B.E and choosing bank jobs
* Some questions about my hobbies. 
* Why airlines were stopped in European countries recently? 
* Who won the IPL trophy & who is the chairman of IPL

vιριη shares his friend`s experience ,
* What are the financial institution in India
* India`s finance minister
* Asked about RBI & their services
* How to reduce inflation
* What new services are provided by RBI
* Why choose banking after engineering
* Some questions about hobbies & personal

i nevr thk futur recollects that, the panel consisted of 4 members & the questions -
* Some questions from resume (about me, family background, hobbies etc)
* Since I'm an IT graduate ,some questions on computers
* What is networking & how many types of topologies
* Asked about conditions of women in our society


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