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July 7, 2010

3 Qualities for Higher Education Success

3 Qualities for Higher Education Success

Not everyone can continue to be a topper and high achiever all through their lives; some are at the head of the class all through school while others pick up steam only during their days at college. But no matter how high an achiever you are throughout your life, it takes a different kind of effort to stay at the top of your class in graduate school. This is because only those who are academically motivated and exceptionally good learners climb up to this level; they’re in grad school because they have goals and are taking the path that leads to those goals. Grad school is a stop along that path, and they know that they must give their best if they are to achieve success. And along the way, they have to compete with others who are used to being at the top as well, so the challenges they face go up to a higher standard. The bar is raised, and grad school students know that they must strive to stay ahead or they risk falling behind. A few qualities that help when it comes to achieving success in higher education are:

•    The ability to rethink your strategy: You may have been used to topping your class all your life, but grad school is full of people like you. So you must be prepared to find that you’re not the only smart one in class. This preparation and anticipation helps you raise your level of study and devise new strategies to ace your exams and earn good grades. When you’re ready to put in extra effort and find ways to help you study faster and more efficiently, you’re able to come up with an effective plan that you can follow in your path to success.

•    The ability to stay the path: The important thing about having a plan is to be able to stick to it; when you deviate from your plan just because others are achieving better results than you by doing something different, you tend to hesitate and so compromise on speed and direction. It’s advisable to follow what works best for you instead of trying to ape others and falling short. So when you create a path, stick to it by doing what you do best and trying to achieve success on your terms.  

•    The ability to accept your limitations: And finally, it’s better to accept your limitations than try to be what you are not. You don’t have to necessarily graduate at the top of your class, and when you try to do so by pushing yourself beyond physical and mental limits, you end up burning out or suffering a breakdown. So know what you are capable of, and work within your limits if you want to achieve success in higher education
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