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August 10, 2010

4 Essential Items for College

If you're going to college as a freshman in the fall, then there a few items that can make the transition easier. Buy these four items before heading out, and you'll be happy you did.

1. Laptop
You'll need a computer for essays and other projects, and there will be plenty of them. If you're going to live off-campus, you will need to get wimax 4g internet in Chicago as well. This is especially important because of all the research materials available on the Web.

2. Cell phone
Most people probably have one, but if you don't, then get one. You'll miss your family, and you'll want to call them. It's a smarter choice than calling cards, and they are handy in case of an emergency.

3. Flip-flops
Bacteria and fungus grow in moist environments like a shower, making it easier to get a fungal infection. Flip-flops are a cheap investment, and they can save you from plenty of problems.

4. Alarm clock
Some professors will lock you out of class if you cannot make it on time, so don't sleep in. This will help ensure you wake up on time.
These four items can help you a lot your freshman year, and it'll be hard enough to adjust as is. Now that you know a few essentials to bring, you can smoothly transition from high school to college.

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