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August 6, 2010

Does Salary Make a Difference in the Teaching Profession?

Does Salary Make a Difference in the Teaching Profession?

Teaching is certainly not a profession that anyone would associate with an enviable pay packet; rather, it’s a job that only people with a passion for the subject and the art of teaching would suffer. They’re forced to spend their days with a bunch of kids, ranging from children to pre-teens to teenagers, all of whom come with their own foibles and peccadilloes; they have to do a balancing act between their students and the administration; and they’re not among the highest paid professionals in the job market. But most teachers still love their jobs and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

They enjoy the daily interaction and even minor altercations with the students they teach; they feel a sense of pride when members of their class go on to achieve something significant, even if it is not related to academia; and they genuinely care for their students and make the effort to support and comfort them when they’re beset by problems and have trouble concentrating on their lessons. 

When I look back over the years at my school and college days, I remember not the lessons I have learnt or the exams I have written but the friends I’ve made and some of the teachers who made education a memorable and enriching experience. Some of them were masters of their subjects and knew how to keep a classroom under their teaching spell while others had personalities larger than life and knew how to enliven even the dullest of lessons. And some were there for me during tough personal times, offering silent or vocal support besides helping me academically as well.

I did toy with the idea of becoming a teacher for a year or so before I took to writing full time. I knew I had the flair for the job because I enjoyed explaining facts to other people and had already tutored a few students at home in my free time. Salary was never an issue with me, I knew I would love to teach and that was all there was to it. I went down the writing path quite serendipitously, not because I decided to eschew the teaching field.

Yes, salary is a big deal because you need to earn a decent living for the effort you put into your job. But when you’re a teacher, it is not the only thing that matters. Even so, schools and the administration must focus on salary as an incentive measure to entice more people into the teaching field and in an effort to retain good teachers who are forced to leave the profession because of financial constraints.

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