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December 31, 2010

ICAR AIEEA UG PG 2011 Entrance Exam Pattern Syllabus Centres

ICAR AIEEA-UG-2011 AIEEA-PG-2011 Entrance Exam Date Notification Application Form Download

Major Subject Groups, Question Papers and Writing Answers in the Examination

(i) The examination shall have one question paper for each of the 20 major subject-groups, consisting of 150 multiple-choice, objective type questions, each with four options and also 10 cross-matching type questions, each having five sub-questions/pairings for every subject-group paper. The details of the 20 major subjectgroups are given in Table 2.1

(ii) In each subject-group, 150 multiple choice, objective type questions would be serially numbered from 1-150 whereas 10 cross-matching type questions would be serially numbered from 151-160.

(iii) Marking scheme: Each correctly answered multiple-choice, objective type question will earn four marks whereas each correctly answered cross-matching type question will earn 5 marks (1 mark for each correct pairing) with a maximum of 650 marks for each major subject-group paper. For each incorrectly answered multiple-choice, objective type question, one mark would be deducted from the total score whereas for each incorrectly answered cross-matching type sub-question/pairing, 0.2 marks would be deducted from the total score. Question with no response indicated will not be awarded any mark and there will be no negative marking for that question. The candidates are advised not to attempt such questions in the OMR answer sheet, for which they are not sure of the correct answer. More than one answer indicated against a question will be deemed as incorrect answer and will invite negative marking.

(iv) Candidate will be required to choose the correct answer and mark in the OMR answer sheet by shading/ darkening the corresponding circle/bubble against the serial number of the question with HB pencil or with black ball-point pen at his/her choice.

(v) Syllabi for the 20 Major Subject-groups for the entrance examination are given at ANNEXURE-I.

Examination City Centres
(i) A list of Examination City Centres with codes and the contact addresses of Nodal Officer at those cities is given in ANNEXURE-VI.

(ii) Candidate must fill the numeric and alphabetic codes for the Examination City Centre from where he/she opts to appear for the Examination.

(iii) The Examination City Centre, once opted, shall not be changed.The Admit Card (Candidate Copy) is to be retained by the candidate and no change is possible. In case of any problem, please contact COE on telephone around third week of May 2011.

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