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January 21, 2011

A Computer Repair Technician

A computer repair technician is a person who repair and maintain the computer system and servers. The responsibilities of computer technician is depends upon the workplace where he is working. The technician can does many works like installing new hardware, Installation and updating of software’s or doing the maintenance of existing computer systems. A computer technician can also create and maintain computer network. The technician can work in any field where computers are requires, where as it public sector or privet sector or can work individually also. 

This profession is very demanding and large scope is there thus many Institutes and classes are offers the courses regarding computer technician. This courses are mainly classified in two categories namely as Hardware Course (Engineer) and Software course (Engineer). This are certified courses with vary in duration from two months to one year, Depending upon the type of course and on the Institute. Hardware technician does the work which is related to computer setup and maintenance of setup system and Software technician is deals with the software related quires. He also can develop new software’s as the requirements.
The repair range of computer is can start from incorrect setting of system to the various, spy wares and regarding Operating system problems. Technician is provides two types of services like onsite service where technician has to go at the site of computer to solve the problem of client. Other type of service is Off-site service where client drop the system at the technician’s place.

Computer repair technician has to work with five main category of computer hardware which is desktop computers, computer clusters, Internet servers, laptops and mobile computing. The repair work is includes the part like keyboards, mouse, displays, speakers, storage devices like hard disks etc. In networking problems technician has to work on routers, fiber optics and on switches.

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