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April 4, 2014

What is Drug Test?

Drug Test

Drug is called as the substance who acts in the body abnormally when it enters or absorbed by the human organisms. There are two types of drugs, one is the medical drug which used in the medicines and second type is recreational drugs which are use for the fun or to enhance the energy. There is no physical sign of drug so to find out how much drug is contained in body or absorb by the body so there is a need of Drug test. In more specific words Drug test is define as the analysis of the medical or biomedical specimens that are present in the human body.

Many types and methods are present to test the drug. Mainly drug test is done by taking the specimen of body i.e. urine, blood, hair, sweat, saliva or oral fluid. By doing some test on those specimens we can predict the accurate amount of drug which is present in the body. In different field use of drug test is different like in sport field drug test is used for the finding the performance enhancing steroids, in street or traffic life it is use for detecting the amount of drug taken by the driver while driving. This is a very useful for the safety of the roads and people.

Various types of Drug tests are Anabolic steroids, Pre-employment drug testing, Random drug testing and Diagnostic screening etc. There are various laws and regulation for the testing of drugs. These laws are varying by the country to country. This laws are totally depends upon the life style and the conditions of those areas. Each drug has the different detection period thus for every drug the testing method is also different. To obtained accurate result there is a need of accurate testing which can be done by using exact and suitable method for that kind of drug! 

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