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March 8, 2011

Want a great career in hospitality?

Want a great career in hospitality?

The hospitality industry is actually a specialist industry with multiple different professional streams. This is a huge industry sector, including tourism, hotels, motels, commercial venue management and multiple related private business operations. If you want a career in this vast area of possibilities, qualifications really matter. 

Hospitality careers, basics

There are two basic entry levels into the hospitality industries:

Unskilled or semiskilled workers
Professional trainees and interns
Generally speaking, progression in this industry is through a combination of experience and training. Everybody, from bartenders to five-star hotel managers, progresses up through the ranks. The skills learned in hospitality are extremely portable, and there is a very high degree of "job mobility". 

Most people in this sector work for several employers in the course of their careers. The usual method of achieving career progression is by moving upscale, often working in different areas of the hospitality sector. 

For example, depending on experience and qualifications, a cook may work in:

Kitchen or restaurant management

Hospitality training 

The main streams of hospitality training are: 

Management- Includes administration, accountancy, accommodation and related fields.

Cookery– Includes commercial cookery, kitchen operations, patisserie and bakery.

Basic training starts with certificate-level courses, like Certificate IV in Hospitality (Commercial Cookery) leading to a Diploma of Hospitality. At diploma level, these qualifications can also be translated into higher education opportunities.

In many cases, this training is dovetailed with other types of training including business, marketing courses and other relevant qualifications. This training can also be done at certificate level leading to diploma and higher education options.

For those working in the sector, these training opportunities are invaluable. This is the "earn while you learn" approach to training, and it's particularly effective, combining practical experience with formal training. Most implausible actively encourage staff to undertake training in this way and this approach often leads to promotional opportunities.

Choosing your hospitality training provider
When looking for a training provider it's advisable to shop around and make comparisons before making any decisions. Some hospitality sector trainers provide excellent service and many additional facilities for students.
A top of the range hospitality training provider’s facilities will stand out against any comparison:

Industry standard commercial kitchens 
Internships with top-rated hotels 
Advanced classroom facilities
Excellent student amenities

Some of the best training providers even help students with accommodation, job placement and welfare.

Before you make any decisions, it's a good idea to have a look online at the leading providers first. These are quite literally the market leaders, and if you check out their fees and services you'll have a benchmark to judge other options.

Hospitality training can give you:
A large range of portable skill sets
Recognized qualifications
Useful accredited skills in the job market
Excellent higher education opportunities
Valuable experience in your chosen field in the hospitality sector
Now the good news – This training isn't really very expensive. You may be surprised to find that some of the best trainers provide these courses for very low fees.

Check out your options.

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