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June 18, 2011

Degree in Social Work

Degree in Social Work

Social work is related to provide help for people who are in weaker section and eradicate social evils from society through this work. In India there is a growth in this field where more and more people are getting into this field. Looking at this demand universities and colleges in India are offering degree in social work, where students are being provided all the knowledge regarding the various social work that can be done in country. Student completing degree in social work from colleges can work I NGOs or any of the public and private department for social work.

Student taking up this course are being trained to work for people who are in weaker section and what are the position in which the person can work. One can either work as a political leader or a social activist.   One can also complete the degree course online by taking up distance course offered by colleges and universities in India. After completing your degree in social work, you can either take up master’s course or you can work as social activist.  It’s a 3yr course where students are also being offered with practical knowledge.

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