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April 20, 2014

Building your career with certificate and diploma level business qualifications

Building your career with certificate and diploma level business qualifications

The fact is that qualifications are the benchmarks for successful job applications. Some of the best qualifications on the market, ironically, are quite cheap and easy to find- Certificates and diplomas. Useful qualifications like a Certificate IV in sales are go-anywhere qualifications across a large range of industries. 

Career issues and qualifications, basics

There are a few facts in the career scenario which everyone experiences at some time:
Career directions aren’t clear
The job market is fussy, and getting interviews is difficult
No new materials on the CV doesn’t look good
If you’re working in business- Trying to figure out where to start for career development
Old qualifications are pretty useless
You don’t have the qualifications for a career change, and/or need business qualifications 

Qualifications are the road signs for careers. These are also the direction-finders in an often confusing job market. They’re so useful you can even use them to search for jobs online.  

Plotting a course with career qualifications
There are a few tricks which can help you put together a good, all-purpose “life support” mechanism for your career with qualifications:
Business qualifications go with everything. Literally, everything. Every IT job, government job, and any industry you could name wants these qualifications as well as other professional qualifications.

For example- Here are two basic career options: 
If you’re an IT person, looking to move up the ladder in an organization, your IT qualifications simply don’t cover the management requirements. You would need to do something like a Diploma in Business Management to progress to middle management level.
If you’re an IT person looking at opening your own IT consultancy, you will need similar qualifications to run your own business and to do business with your clients. This is “learning the language”, and you’ll be interested to hear that it also makes running your own business and understanding the needs of your clients a lot more efficient and effective. 

The job market and business qualifications
To the job market, whatever your other qualifications, additional business qualifications are a virtual passport to better jobs. Managers appreciate these qualifications as “added value” on a job application. The certificates and diplomas give job candidates a significant competitive edge, in both the selection process and in interview panel assessments.

The business qualifications are also particularly valuable assets for accountants and others in the administrative sphere, because they form a very useful skill set in relation to dealing with business operational issues. Accounts are one thing- Projections and evaluating operational costs and relating them to a business plan are something quite else. Having in-house expertise is both areas are a blessing for businesses.  
In career terms, it can also be a blessing in promotional terms. This is where the business qualifications can jump-start careers, providing good opportunities for high value work which can completely renovate and redecorate a CV very rapidly. Project management and related types of work can be excellent CV-builders. 

Decide where you want to go, and look at business qualifications as the extra tools you need to get there. This is the way ahead, and all roads lead upwards. 

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